Questions for a Physician

Take the Next Step Forward and Ask Your Doctor About It

Many things can affect egg health or the quality and condition of your eggs. Having a conversation with your fertility specialist about egg health and your specific situation is a great next step toward improving your chances for success.

Questions to Ask Your Doctor

  • Can the quality of my eggs be assessed?
  • What are my Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH) & Anti-Mullerian Hormone (AMH) numbers and how do they vary from month-to-month?
  • What factors determine if my eggs are healthy enough to support embryo development?
  • Are there lifestyle changes I can make to help improve the quality and efficiency of my eggs?
  • Are there medical technologies that can increase my egg quality or quantity?
  • Should I consider using EggPCSM cells to increase the efficiency of my own eggs?
  • How expensive are these types of procedures?
  • What are the success rates for women using EggPC cells to improve egg efficiency during fertility treatments?
  • Which procedure will give me the best chance at pregnancy?
  • Which treatment that you offer will give me the best chance at pregnancy?
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