Optimizing IVF Treatments

Supplementing Eggs With EggPCSM Mitochondria May Help to Enhance IVF Treatments

The discovery of EggPC cells helped identify an ideal source of mitochondria—energy-producing structures—within the outer protective lining of a woman’s ovaries. Mitochondria are the batteries fueling cell division and growth. In aging eggs and eggs with poor health, there is an insufficient number of functioning mitochondria, or sometimes the mitochondria present are damaged and unable to generate enough energy. Think of old batteries in a flashlight. Old batteries just don’t have enough energy to power the flashlight. But when you change the old batteries for new ones, the flashlight shines brightly once again!

IVF Success Directly Related to the Age and Health of Eggs


Recharging an egg’s energy level might improve IVF treatments.

Taking fresh mitochondria from your own EggPC cells and supplementing the existing mitochondria in your eggs could give your eggs the sufficient energy levels needed for embryo development.1-8



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